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Empowering Neurodivergent & Gifted Leaders.

We provide information and tools to help neurodiverse & exceptional business people find their own path to productivity.

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Self Improvement

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Self Awareness

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Life Skills

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About Me

I’m Heather Flanagan. I Help Neurodiverse & Gifted Business People Thrive.

Heather Flanagan is the CEO of Flanagan Leadership Group and a social entrepreneur with a passion for helping people experience their own greatness.

She has been a lifelong student of “the human condition,” grappling with existential questions from an early age.

Heather Flanagan from FlanaganLeadership.com

Everything I do with my work and within my relationships centers around a core belief in the inherent potential and worth of all individuals.

Further, I believe that change is not only possible, but urgently needed.

Bellingham Executive Leadership Coach Heather Flanagan - FlanaganLeadership.com

What Clients Are Saying

Whitney Meissner, EdD on FlanaganLeadership.com
“Working with Heather Flanagan has been one of the best decisions of my life.”

— Whitney Meissner, EdD
Director of Secondary Education at Lake Washington School District

Kate Nack on FlanaganLeadership.com
“Now I know what my next steps are, and I’m confident that I’m headed in the right direction. The insights and direction I gained are so worth the price of admission!”

— Kate Nack
Technical Writer at Microsoft

John W. Dienhart, PhD on FlanaganLeadership.com
“Give Heather a call. Don’t procrastinate talking with her, and you’ll find your procrastination wilting away.”

— John W. Dienhart, PhD
Dienhart Consulting

Christi Medlyn on FlanaganLeadership.com
“Not only am I a better candidate because of her coaching, I now have a clearer vision for success which guides and sustains me.”

— Christi Medlyn, MBA
General Manager at Boeing Future of Flight

Britt Reber from GrowingYourTraffic.com
“If you're looking for an experienced coach who can help you become a better leader and take your company or career to the next level, call Heather right now!”

— Britt Reber
CEO of Growing Your Traffic

Flanagan Leadership Group
“I became a more satisfied and respected leader thanks to Heather’s insights and support.”

— Kris Becker
Nonprofit Leadership and Fund Development

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