Hi, I'm Heather! I Help Neurodiverse and Gifted Business People Thrive.

Heather Flanagan is the CEO of Flanagan Leadership Group and a social entrepreneur with a passion for helping people experience their own greatness. She has been a lifelong student of “the human condition,” grappling with existential questions from an early age.

Heather’s quest for answers to the question “What makes people tick?” compelled her to seek education in psychology. 

She received her BA in Psychology from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington and embarked upon a PhD program in Behavioral Psychology at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. 

Heather found that the best way to understand human behavior was to participate in the world rather than watch it from a lab.

After several years as a gifted sales and marketing executive, Heather founded her own consulting firm providing executive coaching and business consulting around sales and marketing, customer experience, strategic development, and heart-centered leadership.

Heather earned her Leadership Executive MBA from Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics in 2017.

In addition to her coaching and consulting business, Heather is the founder and CEO of Transortium, a nonprofit corporation that empowers transgender people and engages allies in creating innovation programs to promote transgender equality.

Heather has helped promote equal rights for the LGBTQ community from early adulthood. She canvassed for the No on 9 (1992) and No on 13 (1994) campaigns in Oregon, served as a board member for Pride Northwest, the organization responsible for planning the Portland Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade, and served as a member of the Sexual Minorities Roundtable supporting the Portland Police in its mission to connect with the LGBTQ community in an enlightened manner.

Heather is now a member of the Greater Seattle Business Association, the world’s largest LGBTQ chamber of commerce.

Heather lives in Bellingham, Washington with her two sons, Logan and Blake. In addition to supporting and guiding her boys, she enjoys reading, writing, and exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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Heather Flanagan, MBA - Flanagan Leadership Group - Bellingham Business Coach

Whatever my clients bring to the table, we look together behind the walls and around the corners for gifts and opportunities and forge new possibilities.

I am devoted to you experiencing sustainable and amazing results in the direction of your passion and valuableness.

Bellingham Executive Leadership Coach Heather Flanagan - FlanaganLeadership.com

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Topics I Can Help You With



With personalized guidance, I’ll teach you how to break the bad habits of procrastination so you can reach your goals. Together, we’ll work on managing your time better, learning to prioritize tasks, and setting yourself up for success. Let’s make procrastination a thing of the past!



Let me show you how to take control of your time and make it work for you. No more procrastinating, no more excuses. Let’s jumpstart your productivity and get you working smarter, not harder. Let’s get that workflow going and prove to yourself that productivity isn’t a myth!



I’d love to teach you how to stay on top of your tasks without burning out. No more staying up late and overworking yourself. Let’s make smart decisions that will help you be successful without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Together we can tackle anything!


Life Balance

With my guidance, you’ll learn how to manage your time and activities so you can find balance without sacrificing your goals. If you’re feeling like you need a break from all that stress, join me and let’s make it happen. Achieving balance is easier than you think!

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